En este momento estás viendo From a cabin in Asturias to a rooftop in Seville, these are the most desired ‘Airbnb’ in Spain

From a cabin in Asturias to a rooftop in Seville, these are the most desired ‘Airbnb’ in Spain

A bathtub with views of the Cantabrian Sea. A little house in the middle of the forest. A rustic apartment with patio included. These are some of the most desired rentals of the platform in our country.

The de-escalation is underway, as well as our desire to travel. After weeks without being able to leave home, proximity trips will be the stars of the summer. These are the most desired national lodgings.


Neither traffic nor neighbors. Disconnection is assured in this cabin in the middle of a forest with little coverage but wonderful views of the forest in the east of the Principality. Its owners assure that «it is without a doubt the most remote place to rent in Asturias. A place to enjoy tranquility and nature and just be happy without doing anything.» The house has a double bed, fireplace, barbecue and bathtub with views. It is powered by solar energy and the water comes from its own spring.


Located on a cliff near Oles (Villaviciosa), this house offers amazing views of the Cantabrian Sea. It’s easy to imagine being in that outdoor bathtub watching the sunset. Like the previous one, it is independent and sustainable, thanks to its solar energy installation. With capacity for three guests, it has a 5000m2 private estate with deckchairs, a table with wooden benches and a barbecue.


Exposed beams, brick walls, tilework, lots of wood and stonework, hanging baskets … Everything is rustic and wonderful in this studio with a double bed and full kitchen where it seems that you are in the pages of a decoration magazine. In the common areas they include an intimate patio of which they abound in the Seville neighborhood of Santa Cruz.


And from rustic chic to a modern loft also in the center of Seville, this time in Triana. Minimalist aesthetics, contemporary art on the walls, furniture with an industrial flavor and open kitchen. The apartment has two rooms on an upper floor. And there is no lack of a small patio.


More design, only here we add stunning views of the ocean. We have traveled to Tabaiba, halfway between the south and the capital of Tenerife. No one is surprised that this apartment is on the wish list of many globetrotters. Think of that spectacular terrace every time it’s breakfast, or sunset … The house has a community pool, although beaches like Radazul are just a few minutes away. It has capacity for four people.


This is a detached house in the middle of a private garden 3 km from Villa de Llanes. Ideal for two guests and their pet, if they want. Its owners call it El Choco, which gives us an idea of what they use it for. Indeed it has a fully equipped kitchen. You can also barbecue … or go out to taste Asturian gastronomic delights in the area.